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I am a determined, ambitious and positive hard-working MOM who has fun inspiring and empowering others to live a life by design not by default.

That’s my personal mission statement. It’s what I work hard for every day. It’s the reason I’ve built this website and created my brand. But, it wasn’t always that way.

My story is probably similar to some. Went to college, got my degree and envisioned myself with a large corner office with windows, large pay check and a fancy title. I worked hard and I made shit happen. Every position I had in my professional career, I was the first to be in that position. That gave me an incredible opportunity to create this new role into something fabulous and I rose to the challenge each and every time.

After about 18 years in Corporate America, I felt burnt out. I felt unappreciated. Under-utilized. Like I was trapped and doing the grind. I knew I wanted more. But, to break free from the “NORM” is difficult. And I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I just knew I no longer wanted to be the slave to someone else; especially when they didn’t appreciate my talents.

The day I broke free was magical. It was almost 3 years after I decided I needed to be my own boss. Thankfully, I had started an at-home business on the side and created a cushion until I could decide what it was I wanted to do. 

Since then, 6 years have passed. I’ve become a different person because of my commitment to personal development and improving my skills. I’ve attended several online courses and put my talents to the test. And just very recently, my vision…my goal…has become clear. I believe I was given my talents to share with others that don’t possess them. I’ve been told time after time that my social media skills are killer and that I have a knack for marketing. DUH…it’s “what I do!”

So, here I am, sharing my MARKETING knowledge for you to use in your business. My wish is that you take what you learn here and use it in your business and watch the magic happen. Please stop over on my Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter Page and Pinterest Page and follow along with me. If you need to reach me, don’t hesitate to email me at cindy@cindyrowemarketing.com.