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5 Obstacles I’ve Overcome in the 5 Years I’ve been in Business

Cindy Rowe Marketing Celebrates 5 Years
Hey. I’m back.
Thought I would continue my sharing this week with 5 obstacles I’ve overcome in the 5 years since launching my business.
This post is vulnerable and personal–so please be kind when reading, commenting or reacting.
1. Shortly after starting my business, my marriage ended. Divorce sucks. But it’s scary to consider living alone on a small income of a newly started consulting business. It was a humbling experience. I secretly got a part-time job so I could firmly grasp my new reality and figure shit out. I had that job for a year when I decided it was time to fly. Once I left, my business blossomed. It was incredible.
2. I had a client drop me. It was early on in my business and I took it incredibly personal. I thought we were on target to meeting (even exceeding) their goals, but they thought otherwise. I felt like everyone knew I just got fired from a client. I felt like I had to justify everything. I almost considered refunding them the money they paid me. I needed this experience to grow from. Clear expectations from both parties is crucial. And I realized that sometimes, people don’t mesh–and that’s okay.
3. At the end of 2018, I was in a terrible car accident. After weeks of going undiagnosed, I learned that I suffered a brain injury. This was a critical time in my business cycle where I typically secure clients for the upcoming year and I couldn’t even function. I was alone. I was scared. I was honest with my clients and told them I would do my best, but understood if they needed to move on. I wasn’t sure when I would be back to “normal”. Not one of my current clients dropped me. That’s when I realized that I built my company with integrity. My clients wanted ME to get better. I was so grateful for their understanding.
4. COVID happened. I know we all have felt the pains of this pandemic that never seems to end. But I had to pivot (like everyone else) and I had to reassure my clients that they still needed me and their marketing efforts. It was a busy time. It was stressful. But, my business made it through successfully.
5. FINALLY–Not thinking I’m good enough–I still battle with this. There are 20-somethings out there that OWN it better than I ever will and I have 20+ years of experience under my belt. Even after all of that, I still occasionally doubt my abilities. Not something I am proud to admit, but it’s the reality I face. I continue my education, read blogs, attend conferences, etc…all of these allow me to stay on top of trends and keep things fresh but man, those feelings still creep up from time to time.
Wow–that was more difficult that I thought it was going to be. Hopefully you can relate on some level. Thanks for reading and supporting me! Cheers!

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5 Things I’ve Learned in Business Over the Past 5 Years

Cindy Rowe celebrates 5 years in business

Sharing a little bit more about me and my business today…here are 5 things I’ve learned over the past 5 years running a business.
1. It takes Time–yikes…it takes time to build a business from scratch. I knew this, but damn, it can really take a really long time! I didn’t think I would have instant success, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. It also took me a few years to figure out work/life balance. Thank God I did–my life feels more complete since I’ve tackled that demon of owning a small business.
2. Not everyone wants you to succeed--it’s true. And that painful truth hurts, especially when they are close to you. But it’s usually a sign of weakness from them, not from you. The best advice I can give, is succeed anyway.
3. There’s enough business for everyone–I feel this in my soul. I know that I am not a good fit for everyone. I know that there are other talented consultants out there. And I am 100% OK with that reality. I stay in my own lane and focus on providing to my clients and it serves me well. I cheer on others, I encourage others and I’ve recommended others. There’s enough for everyone–it’s time we all got along!!
4. I hate accounting. I said what I said. I’m not good at it. I despise it. I know it’s important but I’d rather not deal with it.
5. The rewards are plentiful! Man, working for myself has amazing rewards, but the best one by far is seeing a client succeed. I love knowing that I can make a small impact on their business when I work with them. Endless smiles…
Thanks for catching up with me this week! I have more planned for next week–see you then!

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My 5 BIG WINS in 5 Years of Business

Cindy Rowe Marketing Celebrates 5 Big WinsHi. It’s me, Cindy.
During this celebratory month, I thought it would be fun to reflect back over the past 5 years and share a few things about me and my business. This week–I will start by sharing my 5 biggest WINS! (these aren’t in any special order–just shooting from the hip!)
1. Starting! Yep–If I didn’t start, I wouldn’t be here 5 years later. It’s crazy, but it true. Starting is the biggest step. Belief that I could run a business and make it successful–I didn’t cave into FEAR!
2. Networking! I remember meeting John Broda at a Networking event. He introduced me to others and a great business friendship formed. I always saw John as a connector–he is good at getting the right people in front of each other. John was also my first non-friend client–he took a leap and trusted me! I will never forget that.
3. Office Space! Moving out of the house and coffee shops into my own space was so liberating! My dreams/vision for my business was never to have an agency or large office–but a quiet place to work and be organized–I WANTED THAT!!! I love having a place to go, surrounded by other entrepreneurs and business people, Irontek is the perfect place for me!
4. Referrals! Yes–the heartbeat of my business! When I have people recommend me to their friends, it is truly the greatest compliment. It also raises the bar for me–I don’t want to let the client down or the friend that referred me. These recommendations are such a blessing and I never take them for granted.
5. Conferences! I set a goal in 2019 to host educational events. That goal was met and then some! I hosted my own Social Media Conference with a goal of 20-30 people–I blew it out of the park with over 50 in attendance. After that conference, I went on and hosted 4 more! This was a pivotal experience for my business. I loved every second of it. Look for more educational opportunities coming soon!
Looking back over the past 5 years is fun! Stay tuned for more!!

Hooray for 5 Years!!

celebrating 5 years in businessTODAY IS A MAJOR MILESTONE FOR ME!!!
Today I celebrate 5 years in business!

Has it been easy? HELL NO.
Has it been worth it? HELL YES!

I wasn’t ready to start when I did–but I took the leap anyways. I wasn’t sure where I’d end up or how long I’d succeed, but I knew it was worth trying. I wasn’t aware of the hurdles I’d have to jump and situations I’d endure, but I started anyways.

I had many people not believe in my dreams or my vision, yet I kept moving forward. I had people tell me where they thought my business should go, but that was their vision, not mine. I had people laugh at me and couldn’t believe I walked away from an almost 6-figure career for this. I had people whisper behind my back and tell untrue stories about my experience or my abilities. I had people cheer me on and encourage me. I had referrals from people that only knew of me through social media. I had repeat business. I had many mistakes and failures. And I have had lots of successes and wins.
I’ve been nervous about where my next client is coming from and wondering how I can manage all of my workload.

I’ve met amazing business owners. I’ve had incredible clients. I’ve built great business friendships.
My passion has been helping others. In the corporate world, I felt like that part of my life was missing. So when I built my company, my number one focus was going to be helping small businesses. I built my business with honesty and integrity. And holy shit–I made it to the 5 year mark!

Thank you for your love and support over the past 5 years–I look forward to the exciting future ahead!!
All month long I will be celebrating–so grab your glass and join me!!

Social Media Content Ideas for July

july social media ideas

Where does the time go? We are sitting at the beginning of yet another month. It’s been such a quick summer already. Here’s a quick guide to get you thinking about social media post ideas for the month! No excuses–I’ve made it super easy for you!

July 1 – Create a FLASH Sale…make this a hot offer, limited time only

July 2 – Feel Good Friday – share a picture of something that makes you happy and ask your audience to share what makes them happy

July 3 – Small Business Shoutout – share (tag) a favorite local small business you want your fans to know about

July 4 – 4th of July – share a pic of a local flag display and comment what freedom means to you

July 5 – It’s National Work-aholic Day – encourage everyone to create balance in their life.

July 6 – Tuesday Tip – provide a valuable tip that your audience can use right away.

July 7 –  Wednesday Wisdom- share a meaningful quote or thought

July 8 – Share a blog post from an industry leader

July 9 – Friday Introductions – give a few things about yourself and ask your fans to share something about themselves

July 10 – What’s your current VIBE? Share a favorite song

July 11 – Sunday Funday – share a selfie of something fun you did or are doing over the weekend

July 12 – Customer Review – share and tag (with permission)

July 13 – Share a stat about your industry

July 14 – Work it Wednesday – show your work desk, share behind the scenes or give a hint on your current projects

July 15 – Get to Know Your Customer Day – ask them what their favorite item of yours is

July 16 – Ask for advice on what to cook for dinner–share your favorite grilling recipe

July 17 – World Emoji Day – ask fans to share their most used emoji with you in the comments

July 18 – Video–share a quick 3 min or less video on why you are in business

July 19 – Promote a product or service

July 20 – Ask for advice or a referral (could be anything!)

July 21 – #wcw, share a woman that inspires you

July 22 – Invite fans to join your email/newsletter

July 23 – Answer a FAQ

July 24 – Share a weekend gif and ask fans to share their plans for the weekend with a gif

July 25 – Gratitude post – share something you are grateful for in your business

July 26 – Monday Motivation – share a motivational quote

July 27 – Highlight a local vendor

July 28 – Share the story behind your name/logo

July 29 – #tbt Throwback Thursday – dig into your archives and find an old post or something from when you just started

July 30 – International Day of Friendship – highlight a friendship you’ve created by owning your business

July 31 – Month end wrap-up – share a story of a success from the month

Social Media Content Ideas for May

social media content ideas for may

WHOA…where did April go? Holy cow, time is moving so fast!! Here’s is a quick guide you can reference for Content Ideas in May. If you find them helpful, share this with a friend!

May 1st – Kentucky Derby Day – encourage fans to show off their fancy hats or share a recipe for a Mint Julip!

May 4th – Star Wars Day – Have fun with this one! May the 4th be with you! Do a Google Search to find a picture that is relevant to your industry using the Star Wars Theme!

May 5th – Cinco de Mayo – Ask fans to share local spots for the best Mexican Food or share a picture of you/your team celebrating!

May 6th – Nurses Day – This is a perfect time to do a shout-out for the Nurses in your community. Encourage Fans to tag their favorite nurse for a chance to win a prize!

May 9th – Mother’s Day – Share a photo of how you are celebrating or remembering mom on this day! If you purchased the 365 Days of Content Bundle, there’s a premade graphic you can use!

May 15th – Armed Forces Day – Today is a day to pay special tribute to the men and women who serve our country.

May 20th – National Rescue Dog Day – Got a shelter dog in your life? Share a photo and include a link to the shelter that introduced the two of you. Encourage your fans to share a picture of their rescue dog too!

May 21st – Bike to Work Day – Ask fans how far they would have to bike if they rode to work today! Tag a local bike shop and encourage people to get outside and ride!

May 25th – National Wine Day – Share your favorite or highlight a local vineyard by
including a link to their profile.

May 28th – National Road Trip Day – Where would you travel for a road trip? Ask fans, post a picture of your destination or favorite past road trip!

May 31st – Memorial Day – First and foremost, remember the meaning of the day and celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Second, be sure to share photos of what you’re doing on this unofficial start of summer! If you purchased the 365 Days of Content Bundle, there’s a premade graphic you can use!

April Content Ideas


Looking for content ideas to post? Well, here’s a list you can use to create kickass (and fun) content for the month of April!

April 1st – April Fools Day – have fun with your fans…come up with a fun April Fools Joke

April 3rd – Homemade Day – Do you create something homemade (food/craft/body products)? Today is the day to celebrate your skill

April 4th – Easter – Share how you are making Easter special this year

April 5th – Read a Road Map Day – You could have fun to see who actually owns a paper roadmap, maybe even do a fun giveaway for people that respond

April 7th – Beer Day – Promote a local brewery

April 7th – Walking Day – Promote a local walking path or park you like taking walks around

April 10th – Sibling Day – This is a big one on social media. Share photos of you and your sibling, pics of your kiddos, or even your fur babies

April 11th – Pet Day – Share an adorable photo of your best buddy and invite your followers to share theirs.

April 15th – Banana Day – Share your favorite way to eat a banana or a favorite banana recipe

April 22nd – Earth Day – From planting trees to recycling, show how you’re helping the planet

April 25th – Telephone Day – Have fun with this and ask fans to recall their childhood phone number

April 28th – Superhero Day – Celebrate a local superhero or ask followers to nominate a local superhero and giveaway a prize


Remember: Your social media posts should be a little bit about your business expertise, and a lot about your personality! Feel free to share these April ideas with your friends. Everyone likes free stuff!

February Content Ideas


As we finish the first month of 2021, I’m here to remind you to PLAN AHEAD!

It’s so important that you have a strategy when it comes to posting on social media. You can shoot from the hip and claim that social media marketing doesn’t work OR you can put a plan in place, stick to a creating a content calendar and schedule your posts in advance.

You don’t need to block a ton of time out of your schedule to do this either! AND…if you are struggling to get organized and plan, I have a great resource for you! I created the Social Media Planner–I promise you  if will help you get you where you want to go with your social media marketing. You can grab the planner HERE.

Part of your content strategy should include an element of FUN! That’s why I share these National Holidays. You can utilize a few of these a month that will resonate with your audience. These posts should increase engagement!

February is Black History Month–if this resonates with your audience, be sure to have several posts throughout the month that includes fun facts, stats, etc.

February 2 – Ground Hog Day — have fun with this an encourage fans to guess to see if the little guy will see his shadow or not

February 4 – Thank a Mail Carrier Day — you know they work hard–time to show a little appreciation!

February 5 – Wear Red Day — show support and awareness for cardiovascular disease

February 7 – Super Bowl Sunday — be careful when using the term Super Bowl–it’s actually trademarked! But, use this day to ask about favorite football snacks, winner predictions or my fav–the best commercial!

February 9 – National Pizza Day — who doesn’t like talking about PIZZA? Encourage fans to vote for their favorite local pizza joint, or take a poll on favorite toppings or deep dish vs thin crust!!

February 14 – Valentine’s Day  — the day of LOVE! Flowers or Chocolate? Perfect Date Night? Possibilities are endless here!

February 15 – President’s Day — Use this day to honor the past presidents

February 17 – National Random Act of Kindness Day — Encourage your audience to perform a RAOK and talk about one that you will be doing!

February 18 – National Drink Wine Day — Well, this is a dream come true! A day designated to drink wine! You could ask White or Red or even have your audience share their favorite local winery destination!

February 22 – National Margarita Day — Another fun one! Share a pic of you enjoying a margarita at a local restaurant or encourage fans to tag their favorite place to go for a good margarita!

That’s a wrap! This month, pick a few you’d like to use in your content strategy and create them NOW!!

Have a great one Rockstars!