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Why You Need an Instagram Audit

Tips for Instagram Audit
An audit of your IG account can help you assess whether your account is meeting the goals you have for it, who your followers are, and whether your content is the quality it should be.
Running an audit of your account may seem daunting, but here are a couple of simple steps to make it quick and painless:
Take a Fresh Look at Your Content. Take a comprehensive look at how your posts are doing and who is engaging. You can also create a quick checklist for each post, and read through your captions. Does each post have a call to action? Are your hashtags relevant and engaging without trying too hard? Are your captions engaging and interesting?
Go Back to the Basics. You might take a fresh look and ask yourself if your profile picture is still fresh and relevant. If your branding has changed, or if your look has changed, it might be time to freshen that up. Check and make sure your bio is still accurate and reflects the branding on your account, and of course make sure the website linked is not out of date.
Running an audit on your account may seem like a daunting task but these simple actions can keep your account fresh and relevant, and can assure that you’re gaining new followers for a long time to come!
This is something I recommend doing at least once a year–so why not start the year with this on your calendar!?!

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