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Why Social Media is like a Cocktail Party

social media is like a cocktail party

Social Media is “social” networking. It’s not meant to be a place to sell, but a place to build relationships and connect.

So if you’re only using it to sell, sell, sell…and frustrated you are not getting anything out of it, it’s time to shift your mindset and start showing up like it’s a cocktail party.

How would you really act at a cocktail party? You’d meet new people, introduce yourself, ask questions, build rapport, catch up with friends and have one on one conversations.
You can show up on social media the same way. More posts that create connection, tell a story or engage with your audience…just like you’d interact at a cocktail party.
Here’s 3 ways you can create posts that feel more like socializing:
  1. Start asking questions!  People love to talk about themselves, so ask questions that will make your followers feel heard and want to engage with you. It doesn’t have to be about your product or service either…it just needs to resonate with your audience.
  2. Share about you and your community!  What is something people know you for that could create a connection with others who might share that same interest? Do you volunteer? Do you love road trips and traveling? What about fitness? Start building the trust by sharing the authentic YOU.Are there current events happening in your community? Share about these things just like you’d discuss them in a conversation over wine and cheese.
  3. Provide value  Stop posting just about your brand, products, services, etc…that is lame and boring. Share valuable content that would be helpful to someone needing your services/product in the future. What do you want to be known for? What are you an expert in? Think of tips, ideas and things you can share that will help position yourself as an expert and show up as a trusted resource…instead of a sales pitch.

Now it’s time to get to the party and become the center of attention among your followers. Let me know how it goes! And I wouldn’t be a proper host if I didn’t invite you to my private Facebook Group, where I share insider tips and tricks and all things marketing! Come on over and join our party: Marketing Rockstar VIP Group.

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