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What Does a Great Instagram Bio Consist Of?

Tips for Instagram Bio

What Does a Great Instagram Bio Consist Of?

A good bio does a few things: it lets your potential followers know a little bit more about you, showcase your personality, and (hopefully) make people want to follow you. Creating a bio can be a lot of work, and needs some creativity, so it’s important to make sure you know what you need to create your profile.
Your username is a key part of your brand, because it’s the absolute first thing people will see about you. It should be descriptive and clear. Your photo, too, should connect to your username. Both of these elements should connect well with your bio.
You’ll also want to think about your name – not your handle, but the words that are directly under your profile photo. This is one of the searchable parts of your bio, so think about whether you want to include just your name or your business as well.
LINK!! If you have a business profile, Instagram lets you include a single link in your profile. This is one of the best ways to further your brand message, so make sure you include a good one.
BIO DESCRIPTION!! You can be informative or funny, you can talk about yourself or your business. You can make a joke or be serious. The most important thing here is to stick with what’s natural for you and your business. Your description should fit with the theme of your whole profile. It can be a good idea to use hashtags in your description if they fit. Your description can only be about 150 characters, so space is limited. Add emojis if you need to save space or to break up the text.

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