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Major Changes Happening on Instagram

upgrades on Instagram


Instagram has confirmed three new feed options will soon be available in the app: Home, Favorites, and a chronological Following feed.
The main Instagram feed will be split into three tabs: Home, Favorites, and Following:
Home: Home feed will be similar to the “experience you know today.” Expect to see more suggested content populating this feed over time.
Favorites: This feed will consist of content from a curated list of accounts. This will be a feed to capture all the posts from people “you don’t want to miss things from.” It is still unconfirmed how this list will be set, but it could be an extension of Instagram’s Close Friends feature.
Following: And finally, this feed will be a chronological list of all the accounts that you follow. YAY– the chronological feed is back.
This creates more opportunities for Instagram to deliver suggested content through the main landing-page feed, while still having a following feed available.
Stay tuned as these will be rolled out soon.

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