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How to Make Your Instagram Bio Stand Out


8 Tips For Making Your Instagram Bio Stand Out

1. Include your tagline

Your brand tagline helps visitors learn, in seconds, whether they want what you’re offering. This is their first impression of who you are and what you do. (mine is Marketing Rockstar)

2. Keep it short & sweet

Instagram limits you to just 150 characters so you have to quickly communicate the point of your post. Use bullet points to help break it up and make it easier to read (and to give yourself permission to skip grammar & punctuation rules so you can make the most of the limited space available)

3. Use emojis

Even if you think they’re childish or silly. The fact is, they work. They help your bio stand out in a sea of virtually identical bios. Choose an emoji that fits your brand and use it in place of regular, boring bullet points. I use several different ones that match the bullet point. You can choose anything from a heart to a hospital building or tractor to an owl. 

4. Add something personal

You want to look like a “real” person. Are you a mom? Do you really, really love the Spice Girls? Do you enjoy running or knitting when you’re not working? Include something about you in your profile that is completely unrelated to work.

5. Share your name and your business name

Make your username your business name and the headline of the bio your actual name, or vice-versa. For example, my username is the_cindy_rowe and my headline is Cindy Rowe. Again, this allows people to see you as a person, rather than just as a business. 

6. Get specific

Instagram allows you to include a category on your profile. Get as specific as possible. You could select “Health & Beauty” but that’s a really broad category. If there’s a way to get more specific, do it!

7. Include a link & make use of call to action buttons

Link to your scheduling page, Facebook group, opt-in, upcoming events, etc. Be sure to tell people what they’re getting when they click!  Use the action buttons to invite people to easily call or email you, shop, schedule a meeting or make a reservation. Note: to access this feature, you have to have a business profile. To switch your account from personal to business, simply open the Instagram app, click on the 3 lines on the top right of the screen, then settings, then “Switch to business profile”. Once you have a business profile, to edit your action buttons, tap Edit Profile then Contact Options. This area can be changed at anytime…so as your offers or events change, you can change your link!

8. Include hashtags

If you are using brand specific hashtags (which you should be), include them in your bio to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with you and join your community. Invite people to use your brand hashtags and then reward them for it by re-posting their content! Mine is #marketingrockstar 



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