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Hooray for 5 Years!!

celebrating 5 years in businessTODAY IS A MAJOR MILESTONE FOR ME!!!
Today I celebrate 5 years in business!

Has it been easy? HELL NO.
Has it been worth it? HELL YES!

I wasn’t ready to start when I did–but I took the leap anyways. I wasn’t sure where I’d end up or how long I’d succeed, but I knew it was worth trying. I wasn’t aware of the hurdles I’d have to jump and situations I’d endure, but I started anyways.

I had many people not believe in my dreams or my vision, yet I kept moving forward. I had people tell me where they thought my business should go, but that was their vision, not mine. I had people laugh at me and couldn’t believe I walked away from an almost 6-figure career for this. I had people whisper behind my back and tell untrue stories about my experience or my abilities. I had people cheer me on and encourage me. I had referrals from people that only knew of me through social media. I had repeat business. I had many mistakes and failures. And I have had lots of successes and wins.
I’ve been nervous about where my next client is coming from and wondering how I can manage all of my workload.

I’ve met amazing business owners. I’ve had incredible clients. I’ve built great business friendships.
My passion has been helping others. In the corporate world, I felt like that part of my life was missing. So when I built my company, my number one focus was going to be helping small businesses. I built my business with honesty and integrity. And holy shit–I made it to the 5 year mark!

Thank you for your love and support over the past 5 years–I look forward to the exciting future ahead!!
All month long I will be celebrating–so grab your glass and join me!!

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