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February Content Ideas


As we finish the first month of 2021, I’m here to remind you to PLAN AHEAD!

It’s so important that you have a strategy when it comes to posting on social media. You can shoot from the hip and claim that social media marketing doesn’t work OR you can put a plan in place, stick to a creating a content calendar and schedule your posts in advance.

You don’t need to block a ton of time out of your schedule to do this either! AND…if you are struggling to get organized and plan, I have a great resource for you! I created the Social Media Planner–I promise you  if will help you get you where you want to go with your social media marketing. You can grab the planner HERE.

Part of your content strategy should include an element of FUN! That’s why I share these National Holidays. You can utilize a few of these a month that will resonate with your audience. These posts should increase engagement!

February is Black History Month–if this resonates with your audience, be sure to have several posts throughout the month that includes fun facts, stats, etc.

February 2 – Ground Hog Day — have fun with this an encourage fans to guess to see if the little guy will see his shadow or not

February 4 – Thank a Mail Carrier Day — you know they work hard–time to show a little appreciation!

February 5 – Wear Red Day — show support and awareness for cardiovascular disease

February 7 – Super Bowl Sunday — be careful when using the term Super Bowl–it’s actually trademarked! But, use this day to ask about favorite football snacks, winner predictions or my fav–the best commercial!

February 9 – National Pizza Day — who doesn’t like talking about PIZZA? Encourage fans to vote for their favorite local pizza joint, or take a poll on favorite toppings or deep dish vs thin crust!!

February 14 – Valentine’s Day  — the day of LOVE! Flowers or Chocolate? Perfect Date Night? Possibilities are endless here!

February 15 – President’s Day — Use this day to honor the past presidents

February 17 – National Random Act of Kindness Day — Encourage your audience to perform a RAOK and talk about one that you will be doing!

February 18 – National Drink Wine Day — Well, this is a dream come true! A day designated to drink wine! You could ask White or Red or even have your audience share their favorite local winery destination!

February 22 – National Margarita Day — Another fun one! Share a pic of you enjoying a margarita at a local restaurant or encourage fans to tag their favorite place to go for a good margarita!

That’s a wrap! This month, pick a few you’d like to use in your content strategy and create them NOW!!

Have a great one Rockstars!


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