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April Content Ideas


Looking for content ideas to post? Well, here’s a list you can use to create kickass (and fun) content for the month of April!

April 1st – April Fools Day – have fun with your fans…come up with a fun April Fools Joke

April 3rd – Homemade Day – Do you create something homemade (food/craft/body products)? Today is the day to celebrate your skill

April 4th – Easter – Share how you are making Easter special this year

April 5th – Read a Road Map Day – You could have fun to see who actually owns a paper roadmap, maybe even do a fun giveaway for people that respond

April 7th – Beer Day – Promote a local brewery

April 7th – Walking Day – Promote a local walking path or park you like taking walks around

April 10th – Sibling Day – This is a big one on social media. Share photos of you and your sibling, pics of your kiddos, or even your fur babies

April 11th – Pet Day – Share an adorable photo of your best buddy and invite your followers to share theirs.

April 15th – Banana Day – Share your favorite way to eat a banana or a favorite banana recipe

April 22nd – Earth Day – From planting trees to recycling, show how you’re helping the planet

April 25th – Telephone Day – Have fun with this and ask fans to recall their childhood phone number

April 28th – Superhero Day – Celebrate a local superhero or ask followers to nominate a local superhero and giveaway a prize


Remember: Your social media posts should be a little bit about your business expertise, and a lot about your personality! Feel free to share these April ideas with your friends. Everyone likes free stuff!

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