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7 Mistakes to Avoid with Social Media Marketing

7 mistakes to avoid with social media marketing


Looking to dominate your social media marketing? Then avoid these 7 mistakes:

  1. Having no plan/goals
    • Putting in a strategy in place is the first step for success. Define your goals and map out how you are going to get there.
  2. Thinking size matters
    • Having 1000s of followers might look cool, but if they are not quality followers or true fans, then they are a waste of time and money. Focus on getting the right followers.
  3. Being everywhere
    • Find out where your customers are (or potential customers) and focus on being awesome of those social media platforms. Two or three platforms is ideal.
  4. Inconsistent branding
    • Make things look similar. Use the same colors, fonts, theme, look/feel for everything you post. When your followers are scrolling through, they will recognize your post by your branding efforts first.
  5. Not completing your profiles
    • Fill out your profiles on your social media platforms completely. Email, website, phone number, about page…everything needs to be completed.
  6. Buying your followers
    • do not ever…EVER!! These paid-for followers most likely are not your ideal customers and will soon un-follow your account if you don’t follow them back. Don’t fall for the scam emails or dm’s that might come your way with enticing offers to grow your account.
  7. Only talk about your brand
    • This is boring and you will lose followers. Provide value. Give them a reason to interact with your post. Be social. You would never go to a party and just talk about yourself the entire time…don’t do it here either.

These are simple things your business can avoid to make sure your marketing efforts are effective on social media. For more tips and tricks, be sure to join the Marketing Rockstar VIP Facebook Group.


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