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10 Things Small Businesses Can Do During COVID-19 Lockdown


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It’s a crazy world we are currently living in. None of us have certainly experienced anything like this yet in our lifetime. And if you are like me, this whole coronavirus thing has hit a little bit harder than other things. As a small business owner, there is so much uncertainty. As a small business owner, you’re likely feeling a bit frustrated and overwhelmed.

Instead of focusing on the stress, now is the perfect time to lean-in, take a breather and re-evaluate how you are marketing your business. I came up with a list of 10 Things Small Business Owners could do RIGHT NOW…maybe your business has slowed down or been forced to close. Instead of putting on the brakes, use this time to move forward. Use this time to mark off that to-do list. Use this time to get creative with your efforts. Here’s the list:

  1. Write Blog Posts – maybe you haven’t done one in awhile. Maybe you’ve never tackled it. This could be the time where you sit down and write out several for the next few weeks/months. Think about what’s coming up in the next few months in your industry. Talk about FAQs. Introduce yourself.
  2. Create YOUTUBE Videos – I know…I know…I am not a fan of videos either, but now is the perfect time to create video content. And video content is consumed at a higher level on most social media platforms than any other content. Think about doing a tutorial. Step-by-Step instructions.
  3. Schedule out your social media posts –  YEP…create that content calendar and start planning your posts.
  4. Create new freebies/offers to collect leads on your website – This is the best way to give something to get something and grow your email list!
  5. Host a discount or special offer – Get creative. Bundle things. BYGO. Maybe you offer free delivery or shipping. Refer-a-friend. There are endless possibilities here.
  6. Collaborate with other small business owners – Here’s an opportunity to expand your network. Work with another small business owner on a special promotion. Or, if that’s not possible, find another small business owner and commit to sharing their business information in exchange of them sharing your business information.
  7. Run Social Media Ads and Pay Per Click Ads –  Right now everyone is online. We are forced to stay home and well, what else are we supposed to do? Plus, in the last week, pay per click ads dropped 6%, so now your money can be stretched a little further because of lower demand.
  8. Connect with your clients – be open, be real, be vulnerable and be sensitive. Let them know what efforts you are doing to stay in business. Ask for help. We are all scared and worried. Just be transparent.
  9. Use your business to do good in the community – Was your business listed as a non-essential business and forced to shut down for awhile? Do you have talents, expertise or resources that can help the community? PUT THEM TO WORK…and then share your good deeds on social media.
  10. Google My Business – this little secret is vital. If you do not have an active Google My Business account, don’t wait any longer. It’s free. It gives you amazing local SEO.

As business owners we are hard wired to be PROBLEM SOLVERS. This is our moment to step forward! We are all in this together and I believe we will rise above and become better!

Stay well. Wash your hands. Smile.

Rock on Rockstars!


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